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WorkSafeBC Innovation at Work Research Grant Competition is Now Open

Do you have an idea that could help improve workplace health and safety? WorkSafeBC is pleased to launch their Innovation at Work grant competition, with applications due February 14, 2020. Some of the best solutions start with simple ideas. The WorkSafeBC Innovation at Work research grant can help you develop your idea into a solution … Read More


BC MindReader Survey: Entry Level Jobs in BC

Please take this short, 5-minute survey to tell the BC Chamber of Commerce about your experiences with entry level workers, and what your business needs to access, retain, and develop these workers.



BC MindReader Survey: Increasing Costs for BC Businesses

BC Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Collective Perspective Survey showed that confidence in the BC economy is declining in 50% of BC businesses. The primary reason cited (79%) is that “the cost of doing business has worsened.” Now, the BC Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Vancouver Sun to survey business owners/operators about risings costs, … Read More


Public Invited to Share Views on Workers’ Compensation

June 3, 2019, Victoria — A public engagement on British Columbia’s workers’ compensation system and how to shift the system to become more worker centred, as well as how to increase worker and employer confidence, is open for feedback. The public and interested stakeholders are invited to share their views until July 19, 2019. People … Read More


Applying for NAOSH Week 2019 Awards

Did your organization participate in NAOSH Week this year?  Were the activities award worthy?  If so, make sure you complete an award application form to get recognized for your hard work! Deadline to submit your award application is June 14, 2019.


A Message from WorkSafeBC Regarding Keeping Lone Workers Safe

A Message from WorkSafeBC Regarding Keeping Lone Workers Safe Earlier this month, a hotel worker in Victoria was assaulted, tied up, and robbed in the early hours of the morning. This disturbing event is an example of the risks of working alone. This is a reminder to employers that you are responsible for the health … Read More


Virtual Job Fair & Mobilité Francophone

How BC tourism & hospitality employers can tap into LMIA-exempt French & bilingual talent abroad. Struggling to hire local service supervisors, managers or other specialized service occupations (e.g. Chefs, Cooks, Bakers, Executive Housekeepers, F&B Supervisors, F&B Managers, etc.)? If so, the Mobilité Francophone stream of the International Mobility program may be of interest to you. … Read More


Restoring fairness and stability to British Columbia’s worksites

Victoria, April 30, 2019 — Greater protections for workers, job security, labour rights and stability for employers are the focus of amendments to the Labour Relations Code. The changes to the Labour Relations Code support the recommendations put forward by an independent review panel after a thorough public consultation and engagement process last year with … Read More


Changes to employment standards will better protect children, support workers

Victoria, April 29, 2019 — New legislation to bolster British Columbia’s employment standards will better protect children and youth from dangerous work, and deliver improved support for workers whose rights have been violated. These improvements directly address the priority problems identified from changes made in 2003, when protections for workers with legitimate complaints were weakened … Read More

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