May 2021


May 2021: CEO’s Message to Industry from Krista Bax

As it has been another challenging month, I want to share a really positive experience I had recently that illustrates the depth and breadth of the heart of the tourism and hospitality community which speaks to why we are all working so hard to save this great industry. Our economy has been hit and charities … Read More



May CEO’s Message to Employers from Krista Bax

There are certain small gestures that have an impact far greater than we expect. Case in point, a brief email our health and safety team recently received from one of the participants in our COVID-19 safety plan review service. It’s a key service that we’ve been providing to the industry since early on in the … Read More


Vaccinated? Provincial Health Orders Still Apply

A gentle reminder if you have been vaccinated to still follow all current provincial health orders and guidelines. Employers are required to maintain their COVID-19 safety plan, to continue to prevent workplace transmission. Fully vaccinated staff or staff who have had a prior COVID-19 infection need to continue to adhere to COVID-19 health and safety … Read More

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